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Heritage drone shots in Occitania

01 Jan 2021

Drone shots have become popular and important in recent years in all kinds of movies. At KMM productions, we are often called upon in Occitania and more particularly in l'Aude to make videos and /...

On tour with the band Hang Massive

01 Dec 2020

Hang Massive is a hang drum duo. The group is composed of two musicians playing the hang: the Briton Danny Cudd and the Swede Markus Johansson (aka Markus Offbeat). They have been playing toget...

Traces of life project

01 Nov 2020

KMM productions has partnered with Traces de Vie for an inspiring project. The Traces of Life service offers to listen to and record in video format significant experiences for the elderly...

An international prize for our short film

01 Oct 2020

The youth project of the MJC de Puivert lead by KMM productions started in September 2019. We have been creating short films for several years, always more ambitious. Audiovisual professionals ...

How to make a quality video with your smartphone?

01 Aug 2020

To make a video of decent quality, I would advise to focus on a few simple elements to have a satisfactory and presentable result for an audience. The advice here is mainly for a vlog-style video,...

Why have a wedding video?

01 Jul 2020

Nowadays, many couples choose, in addition to hiring a photographer, hiring a videographer to capture this unique moment. As technology has changed rapidly in recent years, it is now possible...

Why communicate with video? Why is video essential in 2020

01 Jun 2020

Looking to communicate creatively and effectively, video has become an essential tool for being visible online today. 
• Here are some statistics to give you an idea of ​​the importance of video in...

Why have drone shots in a video?

01 May 2020

Why do we need videos or photos in drone in 2020? What does this service add to your video? KMM productions provides you with answers and shares his experience with you.
• When I decided to pass ...

Lavelanet Melgaço story, road trip documentary

01 Apr 2020

KMM productions filmed a 30-minutes documentary for the Lavelanet casino cinema. A 4 days road trip from Lavelanet to Melgaço in Portugal. The non-profit La Sauce du Casino has been working for 2 ...

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Heritage drone shots in Occitania

On tour with the band Hang Massive

Traces of life project


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