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On tour with the band Hang Massive


  • Hang Massive is a hang drum duo. The group is composed of two musicians playing the hang: the Briton Danny Cudd and the Swede Markus Johansson (aka Markus Offbeat). They have been playing together since 2010 and have gained worldwide notoriety by performing in more than twenty countries since the creation of their group. One of their video Once again has 50 million views on youtube:


  • KMM productions went on tour with Hang Massive for a week in the cities of Montpellier, Lyon, Paris, Nantes and Toulouse. By following them through everyday life, life on the tour bus, setting up for 1 concert each day and repacking every night, KMM productions has created a 10 minute documentary.


  • Every evening after the concerts there were interviews from the fans who were delighted to share their experience of the concert. For this kind of situation, you have to travel light, have discreet equipment and be present all day and evening, know how to capture the jewels in each moment, the interactions of the group with the technical teams, the fans, to not to be in the way but to be everywhere without being seen.


  • Hang Massive is a group that is known worldwide and KMM productions is very proud of this collaboration and the result that you can see below:


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