KMM productions

KMM productions, music videos in the Carcassonne area

Music Clips / Concerts

An original music video, shot in the studio, outdoors or even a video capture of a live performance or a concert.

Our creations


Welcome to the skydome

CUSTOMER: Massive Vibe Live

SUBJECT: Filmed outdoors on a beach

LOCATION: Goa, India

REALIZED BY: KMM productions



Ixchel's dream

CUSTOMER:  Lucianaël Eloha

SUBJECT: Filmed outdoors on the plateau de Sault

LOCATION: Aude/ Ariège

REALIZED BY: KMM productions


Pearls for pesetas


SUBJECT: Filmed outdoors and during a concert at the Montbel lake

LOCATION: Montbel/ Aude/ Ariège

REALIZED BY: KMM productions


Our love is here to stay

CUSTOMER: Asaf Rabi and Madalena Alberto

SUBJECT: An international duo, filmed in the forest

LOCATION: Emmaljunga/Sweden

REALIZED BY: KMM productions


As you are

CUSTOMER: MJC Puivert/ Passeurs d'images

SUBJECT: A rap video on the theme of discrimination and living well together with the whole village taking part

LOCATION: Puivert/Aude

REALIZED BY: KMM productions

Don't expect anything

CUSTOMER: Jmi and Chari

SUBJECT: A hymn to the joy and happiness that is in every moment

LOCATION: Nebias/Aude

REALIZED BY: KMM productions


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