KMM productions

KMM productions, promotional/corporate in the Carcassonne area

Promotional/ Corporate

You wish to highlight your company or communicate in a playful and original way within your professional environment. You wish to make a video to sell your property or present a participatory fundraising campaign.

Our creations

Domaine de Pouroutounat

CUSTOMER: Domaine de Pouroutounat

SUBJECT: A gîte in the French countryside

LOCATION: Mirepoix/Ariège

REALIZED BY: KMM productions

Domaine de Pouroutounat

Becton Dickinson inauguration teaser

CUSTOMER: Becton Dickinson 

SUBJECT: The inauguration of a Becton Dickinson laboratory

LOCATION: Grenoble/Isère

REALIZED BY: KMM productions/ Agence Witty

Teaser inauguration Becton Dickinson - Witty ©

Dquads Jets

CUSTOMER: Dquads Djets

SUBJECT: Presentation of quad biking in nature

LOCATION: Cauzac/Lot-et-Garonne

REALIZED BY: KMM productions

Dquads Djets de Kmmprod
Buvette du lac de Puivert de Kmmprod

The lake restaurant

CUSTOMER: Buvette of Puivert lake

SUBJECT: A little paradise on the lake shore


REALIZED BY: KMM productions

Green Tara, le jardin magnifique de Kmmprod

The beautiful garden

CUSTOMER: Balanced View

SUBJECT: Green Tara's beautiful garden at the Balanced View Centre


REALIZED BY: KMM productions

The MJC of Puivert


SUBJECT: Connecting, sharing together beyond our differences, living beautiful moments...


REALIZED BY: KMM productions

La MJC de Puivert de Kmmprod

Government's agents

CUSTOMER: Department of Isère

SUBJECT: In the department, the territorial agents have developed new capacities


REALIZED BY: KMM productions/ Aurélien Breysse

Government communication teaser
Tourné en Ariège de Kmmprod

Meditation and qi-gong


SUBJECT: A haven of peace in the foothills of the Pyrenees in Occitania

PLACE: Ariège

REALIZED BY: KMM productions

Trailer 1 of the shipwreck

CUSTOMER: Vanessa and Phil Cook, directors

SUBJECT: Trailer 1 of the Shipwreck series

LOCATION: Aude/Ariège

REALIZED BY: KMM productions

Naufrage bande annonce 1
Naufrage bande annonce 2

Trailer 2 of the shipwreck

CUSTOMER: Vanessa and Phil Cook, directors 

SUBJECT: Trailer 2 of the Shipwreck series

LOCATION: Aude/Ariège

REALIZED BY: KMM productions

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