KMM productions

KMM productions, drone photography/videography in the Carcassonne area


Aerial shots are now more accessible and KMMprod offers you its services as a certified professional UAV pilot. Photos or videos of a public building, a tourist place, a private house, for a wedding, a music video, the earth are even more beautiful view from the sky and in very high resolution (4K).

You wish to insert beautiful images in your film to make it picturesque, or just need some aerial images in video or photo of a specific place, event or building, we will be able to adapt to your request.

We have access to all government authorizations to plan a filming in town or around a group of people. For UAV shootings in urban areas or for a public event, KMM productions needs a minimum of 5 working days in advance to make the necessary requests to the local authorities.

For these requests, it is possible to take several days for the shooting and then adjust according to the weather conditions. 

Our creations

Real estate and buildings

CUSTOMER: Presentation video

SUBJECT: Promotion of a building or house for sale

LOCATION: Aude/Pyrénées-Orientales/ Ariège

REALIZED BY: KMM productions

Immobilier de Kmmprod
Le ciel regarde la terre (Aude, Ariège, Pyrénées orientales en drone) de Kmmprod

The sky looks at the earth

CUSTOMER: KMM productions

SUBJECT: Filmed in Occitania, with relaxing music, to enjoy local heritage.

PLACE: Aude/Pyrénées-Orientales/ Ariège

REALIZED BY: KMM productions

Le château Puivert, Aude. Vidéo en drone (épisode 2) de Kmmprod

The castle of Puivert

CUSTOMER: Puivert Castle 

SUBJECT: Flight over Puivert Castle

PLACE: Puivert/Aude

REALIZED BY: KMM productions

Quad rides

CUSTOMER: Dquads Djets

SUBJECT: Quad biking in nature

LOCATION: Cauzac/Lot-et-Garonne

REALIZED BY: KMM productions

Des quads vu du ciel de Kmmprod

Lake Montbel


SUBJECT: The sublime Montbel lake seen from above


REALIZED BY: KMM productions

Le lac de Montbel, Ariège, en drone de Kmmprod
Beauté immaculé (Aude et Ariège en drone) de Kmmprod

Immaculate beauty

CUSTOMER: Presentation video

SUBJECT: Landscapes under the snow

LOCATION: Aude/ Ariège

REALIZED BY: KMM productions

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