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About KMM Productions

KMM productions

Film & drone production

Filming, drone, editing.


A passion for cinema

A passion for moving images that tell a story

That share an important moment, present a company, a project, etc.?

To be seen and seen again.

Kevin Morgan Major

- Why make a video?

Why use a videographer and certified drone pilot?

- To highlight your company, communicate a message, capture an important event, bring your screenplay to life, and give you the creativity and technical know-how to create the film you want.

- I use my technical knowledge to transform your ideas into inspiring, captivating and innovative images.

- Nowadays, it is important to know how to communicate with videos, because of social networks, smartphones, more and more people have access to information through moving images.

- Making films is not just about technical abilities, but also about human connection and supporting you through the process.

- Success requires putting those who go in front of the camera at ease, knowing how to adapt to the unexpected during a shoot and being present and reassuring throughout the process of creating a film.

- Because of professional equipment, human relating as well as technical skills, I propose to accompany you and to carry out your video project. 

- Having the quadruple hat of screenwriter, camera operator, drone pilot and editor, I will be at your service from A to Z to realize your project.

- It's quite simple to make a video with your phone these days, but a professional video requires a special eye, professional equipment and mastery of the camera, sound, light, colors and drones.

- In recent years, drones have made the beauty of images taken from the sky more accessible, as a certified pilot I also have access to all the government authorizations to make your project possible.

- For my work, I have to travel through France, England, Sweden, India and the United States.

- Franco-American, I studied theater at Foothill college and cinema at UC Berkeley, California.

- I continued my training in editing, color grading and drone piloting.

- I created KMM productions in the south west of France. 

- I would be delighted to meet you to put your vision into images with creativity and passion.

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