KMM productions

KMM productions, production of documentaries in the Carcassonne area


A story to tell, KMM productions follows you or the story and captures the essence of the message you have to convey or the story you want to share.

Our creations

Lavelanet Melgaço story de Kmmprod

Lavelanet-Melgaço story

CUSTOMER: Cinéma le casino

SUBJECT: A team of friends embark on a road trip to Portugal to discover a museum dedicated to cinema

LOCATION: France/Spain/Portugal

REALIZED BY: KMM productions

The Albertville trail

CUSTOMER: Club Français Alpin Albertville

SUBJECT: The famous trail at the foot of Mont Blanc

LOCATION: Albertville/Savoie

REALIZED BY: KMM productions

Trail Albertville 2018 (version longue)

A beaver story

CUSTOMER : Beavers deceivers

SUBJECT: The importance and preservation of beavers and their natural habitats


REALIZED BY: KMM productions

Une histoire de castors de Kmmprod (A beaver story)
Nicolae Fleissig, sculpteur de Kmmprod

The stone sculptures

CUSTOMER: Nicolae Fleissig

SUBJET: The work of the famous sculptor through several exhibitions

LOCATION: La forge/Lavelanet

REALIZED BY: KMM productions

Filming the shipwreck

CUSTOMER: Vanessa and Phil Cook, directors

SUBJECT: Behind the scenes of 3 short films of the shipwreck project

LOCATION: Aude/Ariège

REALIZED BY: KMM productions

Le naufrage, behind the scenes de Kmmprod
Perfect As You Are Tour India | Part Two - Massive Vibe Live!

Massive Vibe Live in India

CUSTOMER: Massive Vibe Live

SUBJECT: A documentary on the band's tour 

LOCATION: Goa, Bangalore, Pune/India       

REALIZED BY: KMM productions

Escape through ideas

CUSTOMER: Escape into Ideas Festival

SUBJECT: Long version of a festival of theatre, film, painting, by and for children and teenagers

LOCATION: Chalabre/Ariège

REALIZED BY: KMM productions

L'échappée dans les idées de Kmmprod
Famille, exposition de Christoph Souques de Kmmprod

Family, an exhibition

CUSTOMER: Christoph Souques

SUBJET: An exhibition of a great painter in Bugarach, as part of artistes à suivre

LOCATION: Bugarach/Aude

REALIZED BY: KMM productions

Interview d’une danseuse

Niketa, eclectic dancer

CUSTOMER: Massive Vibe Live

SUBJECT: A dancer talks about her career and her experience with the group Massive vibe live.

LOCATION: Bangalore, Goa, Mumbai/India

REALIZED BY: KMM productions

Varanassi, the city of light

CUSTOMER: KMM productions

SUBJECT: A travel film in Varanassi, India, one of the oldest cities in the world.

LOCATION: Varanassi/India

REALIZED BY: KMM productions

Varanassi, the city of light de Kmmprod

Tell me about Occitania.


SUBJECT: Documentary on the troubadour festival with the village youths


REALIZED BY: KMM productions

Racconte moi l'Occitanie
Le ciel regarde la terre (Aude, Ariège, Pyrénées orientales en drone) de Kmmprod

The sky looks at the earth

CUSTOMER: KMM productions

SUBJECT: Filmed in Occitania, with relaxing music, to enjoy our local heritage.

LOCATION: Aude/Pyrénées-Orientales/ Ariège

REALIZED BY: KMM productions

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