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  • KMM productions has partnered with Traces de Vie for an inspiring project. The Traces of Life service offers to listen to and record in video format significant experiences for the elderly person who wishes to transmit. It starts with a meeting, clarifying the message to be shared and the interview with the production of a video.


  • Based on the experiences of workshops on the life story in nursing homes conducted by Diane Sergent, psychologist, and the results observed, we propose to support the elderly on this path of expression and transmission through video. The benefit of these workshops was global (individuals, families, healthcare teams), and fed our thinking about offering to share an experience or a significant moment through video.


  • The video offers a different perspective, another possibility to express oneself and to tell oneself. The human thus offers during his existence pearls of wisdom (knowledge to be, know how, wisdom), which we propose to film. In this way, Traces of Life can contribute to future generations, nourishing the family bond by sharing a video. We are offering this project to the villages of the Aude, and extending it to Occitanie. Collecting these testimonies and organizing screenings for residents thus provides an opportunity for inter-generational meetings and sharing. Care and health professionals. The aim is to provide individual and small group support.


  • Then the film produced would be screened, allowing the teams to discover the elderly people they care for in a different way. The elderly would thus be enhanced by the transmission of their knowledge and wisdom.


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