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The various collaborations with the Maison des Jeunes de Puivert

KMM productions and the Maison des Jeunes et de la Culture de Puivert (MJC de Puivert) have been working together for almost 10 years, both organizations are located in Puivert and are connected in many ways locally. In particular by their connection to nurturing and developing cultural activities:


 The MJC of Puivert is one of the non-profits of popular education which works for the individual and collective emancipation of all. It aims at developing the personality of each one in conviviality, by developing the opening to the collective, to the world, to the ideas of living together, in order to become active and responsible citizens of a living community. The MJC is an association under the law of 1901 which is fully in line with an educational approach.


 "Our actions and services encourage responsibility and citizenship. Our actions towards and with young people are an important part of our mission, particularly through image education with the annual youth cinema projects and cinema courses."

MJC's mission statement


The different collaborations with KMM productions:


The 3-day film workshops with the children of the village. The children will create in 3 days a short film allowing them to learn how to film, hold a boom, be an actor, edit etc...


Il était une voix (Court-métrage)


 The annual cinema youth project (in place for 5 years) is an initiative set up by the MJC of Puivert and KMM productions who also ensures the technical realization. It is an annual project of education to film making carried by Passeurs d'Images Occitanie. It is open to teenagers who are members of the MJC and who want to learn how to make a film (documentary, fiction etc.) over a period of 2 to 4 months. In 2022 the theme was documentaries, the 7 participants made one on 5 structures of the Haute Vallée de l'Aude that they think are local and positive initiatives for their region, we solicited Cap Heol, La Trame, Le FabLab, Le Souriant, La claranda. These organizations range from food self-sufficiency to mobility to the local economy.


De mains locales (Documentaire)


Traces de Vie(traces of life) with the elderly of the village

Traces de Vie is an anthology of testimonies from elderly people. The concept is to make the memories of a village speak in order to exchange and discover the history of its inhabitants.

"The Traces de Vie service offers to people who wish to transmit a part of their life story in video format to their entourage. The creator of this project, Diane Sergent, collaborates with Kévin Morgan Major of KMM Productions to produce these videos. This project has been adapted into a community version for the first time in Puivert."


Traces de vie à Puivert (Documentaire)


Filming the different annual events of the mjc of Puivert like the spring festival and the festival of lights: 


La Fête des Lumières | Teaser événementiel


Presentation of the places and cultural initiatives of the village such as the Museum of Quercorb

A dance video clip and a documentary on the heritage of Puivert, with the participation of children of the village went to discover the castle and the museum of Quercorb and troubadours.

A project "It's my heritage", supported by the DRAC


Les troubadours, le musée et le château de Puivert (Documentaire)


Retour aux sources (Clip de danse)


The participation of KMM productions in the events of the MJC has allowed to federate culture in isolated villages, to make professional audiovisual material accessible, to valorize history and local historical sites, to bring a younger and heterogeneous population a chance to have access to artistic endeavors in a rural village. 


We have also allowed the MJC to communicate more widely by immortalizing and broadcasting the events it proposes.


Finally, KMM productions is very happy to collaborate with the MJC of Puivert and we hope that it will continue for the years to come.


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