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Our documentary film "Soignons la terre"

2022 has been a particularly rich year for us in terms of projects and meetings. In particular, we succeeded in making a short documentary film on the theme of ecology and transmission called "Healing the earth".


This project is a synthesis between the desire to create an imaginary world between Men and nature in the high valley of the Aude initiated by the cooperative of the ecological transition, the Audyssée, and a know-how as much professional as sensitive for the audiovisual of KMM productions.


This project emerged within the Audyssée (which hired KMM productions) with the ambition of changing practices in relation to nature and the living in general and to educate for the ecological transition. The starting point of the reflection was the theme "Healin the earth" of the 2022 edition of the international festival of unusual films of Rennes-le-château.


It is with the financial support of the non-profit l'Ortie, the department of Aude, the foundation of France and the community of communes of the Pyrenees Audoise and the limouxin that the funds could be gathered. With the participation of a civic service to take care of the evolution of the project, it did not take much more to launch the shooting with KMM productions.


The realization took place from May to June 2022 and allowed to gather four different testimonies of people having a particular link with the earth and nature: 

- Vivien, an erudite gardener living since his youth in the Axat valley who has been passed on a great deal of knowledge from his grandparents on how to properly care for his vegetable garden.

- Moutsie, a specialist in bio-indication plants who has a strong bond with plants in all their diversity.

- Christophe, a podiatrist working in the Minervois and high valley of the Aude, shared his knowledge and advice on how to take care of the soil.

- Freïa, a self-taught adventurer who does horse therapy in Montplaisir and who also has a certain outlook on living place and on her relationship with her animals.


This film is a documentary and we decided to bring an artistic and sensitive touch to it. The goal was to convey an emotion through the benevolent eyes of these four characters, thanks to their sincerity, their spontaneity and their enthusiasm. The use of music in the background also serves the sensitive aspect of the film.


 The use of the drone to film the different landscapes in which the protagonists evolve had several objectives: 

- To locate the action.

- To highlight the majestic aspect of the landscapes thanks to the depth of field.

- And finally to show their diversities in a small territory allowed by its altitude and its wide focal length.


With this will to produce an artistic rendering, the project remains a documentary with all the difficulties to the realization that it can generate. But KMM productions likes to have challenges to face. Indeed, the shots were not staged, so the film crew had to deal with the hazards of live action.


To conclude the film was projected at the 2022 edition of the International Festival of the unusual Film of Rennes-le-Château and accumulated nearly 4000 views on youtube, the audience being very touched by this film, which makes us very happy and satisfied.


Here is the link to the film:

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