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Heritage drone shots in Occitania

Drone shots have become popular and important in recent years in all kinds of movies. At KMM productions, we are often called upon in Occitania and more particularly in l'Aude to make videos and / or photos of heritage locations.

Whether it is to show a magnificent monument from the sky, to raise awareness of the importance of safeguarding ancient places, to create a beautiful poster for a town hall or a wedding in an atypical castle, drone views highlight the local heritage like no other way to film.

Our heritage is often photographed and filmed from the earth, and when suddenly we see it from the air, a magical feeling is created, it is like discovering a new place.

Due to the fact that the drone is moving, it can for example turn around a cathedral, a church, move towards a monument and pass over it.

Kmm productions offers its heritage drone services in Carcassonne, the upper Aude valley, the Minervois and more widely throughout Occitania.

Here is a drone heritage video from KMM productions:

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