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Why have a wedding video?



  • Nowadays, many couples choose, in addition to hiring a photographer, hiring a videographer to capture this unique moment. As technology has changed rapidly in recent years, it is now possible to have beautiful and cinematic images for a reasonable budget. KMM productions shares with you why a video of your wedding is a sublime memory to have of this unique day.


  • The tendency to have a video comes from Anglo-Saxon countries where wedding videos is a standard. The quality of films continues to increase, with more couples investing in quality wedding film in addition to just having pictures. There are different packages with a 2/3-minute teaser film for social networks and longer versions to watch again the crucial moments of your wedding.


  • Often it is just difficult to bring all the people you love to your wedding, especially if they are abroad. Having a movie of this day allows you to relive those moments of emotion and to share worldwide in just a few clicks. And it's the same for your guests or yourself, because this day is so intense that you will not remember everything. The video is there to remind you of the beauty and importance of these precious moments.


  • A wedding film can help you remember the little details, preserve the highlights and relive some of the things you didn't see the first time. As a bride, you will no longer wear your wedding dress. You have spent many hours planning, preparing, anticipating and spending money to make your big day beautiful. So why not have the best way to remember it? Films touch people. Your favorite movie can inspire, provoke, or make you cry. Why not capture your wedding this way?


  • Moving images and sound create lasting impressions on people; they engage your senses on a deeper level than a still photo. And by recording sound at the same time as the image, our senses relive those moments in an even deeper way. In a few years, imagine yourself sitting with your children and grandchildren and sharing your wedding film with them, like watching a great cinema film years later. Imagine if you could watch the wedding film of your own parents, grandparents or even great-grandparents in cinematic quality.


  • And what could be more magical than adding drone shots to your wedding video? Weddings take place in castles, beautiful nature and being able to film with a drone at that time will add an element of surprise to your video. Your guests will be able to see your wedding location from the sky. So don't hesitate, the big day is approaching and a KMM productions wedding video will remain in your family for a long time, and your loved ones will be happy to (re) discover it, again and again.


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