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Why have drone shots in a video?

Why do we need videos or photos in drone in 2020? What does this service add to your video? KMM productions provides you with answers and shares his experience with you.


• When I decided to pass the professional drone pilot diploma, I did it because nowadays it is finally possible to take pictures and videos from the sky without a plane or a helicopter.


• For years the only way to take photos and videos from the air was to rent a plane, a helicopter, a glider to take these shots, which was more reserved for movies and television.


• A few years ago, a small technological revolution arrived in the world of film making. The appearance of a consumer, amateur and professional drone market. Smaller in size, with good batteries, safety devices with obstacle sensors on the sides and professional quality fixed or interchangeable cameras.


• So why take the drone services that KMM productions offers? Because, as we know, an image is worth a thousand words and the images from the air amazes us, fascinates us, because we all dream of being birds, at some point in our lives and drones bring us closer to our childhood dream.


• I admit that when I passed the drone pilot diploma, despite the technical difficulty of learning meteorology, the concepts of aviation, electronics, I became again a child who rediscovers his beautiful planet earth, but from higher.


• Whether for a few shots at the beginning and at the end of a film, or a film which presents a building or local heritage, drone images are today a great asset in a film.


• So do you have desires for height, tell us about it and we will be able to use drone videos and photos to tell your story, because from up there everything is very beautiful.


• To see more drone videos from KMM productions:


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