KMM productions

Lavelanet Melgaço story, road trip documentary

  • KMM productions filmed a 30-minutes documentary for the Lavelanet casino cinema. A 4 days road trip from Lavelanet to Melgaço in Portugal. The non-profit La Sauce du Casino has been working for 2 years with a group made up of around twenty people supervised by two social workers.


  • This work promotes the group's access to all the evenings organized by the association, meetings with artists and other cultural professionals. As part of this project, supported by Mr Etienne GUYOT (Prefect of the Occitanie Region - Prefect of Haute Garonne), a group of 5 people, 2 social workers, 1 videographer and the director of the cinema made a trip to Melgaço ( north of Portugal, on the Spanish border) town twinned with Lavelanet.


  • This trip is part of a common will of the two cities to work for a rapprochement and development of their image in terms of cinema. Melgaço has a cinema museum and an international documentary film festival. Lavelanet saw the birth of Georges Méliès' father in 1815, and Le Casino has been welcoming the city's cinephile public for nearly a century.


  • The film Lavelanet Melgaço Story, testimony of the trip which took place from November 24 to 28, 2019 is an opportunity to discover the city of Melgaço. It was a pleasure to share this unusual trip of a group united around a passion, cinema.


  • You can watch the movie on the link below:


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